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 ほんの少し休憩はいかが ? 



once upon a time



Once upon a time 

When my mother was still a small child. 


The men in the village where my mother lived were working in the mountains. 

One day, the men who were working in the mountains didn't come back. 

When the villagers who worried about went looking for them the next morning, they were naked in a dirty swamp. 

They said, " Ah, this hot water's good. It's a nice hot spring." 

The men in the swamp returned to sanity when they saw the people who went looking for them. 

They said, " When I was invited by a beautiful woman, 

 I found a hot spring there, so I went in." 


This is the true story. 


A world wher you don't know if it's a dream or reality. 


People in the old  Japanese said, "Kitune ni tsumamareta (They were pinched by a fox)." 

The meaning of that is they was fascinated(or fooled) by foxes and had an unbelivable experience .




昔の日本人は「きつねに つままれた」と言っていました。