At the time of farewell 


Shine of the moon


This moment will soon be in the past.


In Japan, there is a collection of narratives called "Konjaku Monogatarishu " meaning the Collection of Tales of the Past and Present.


It is unknown when it was written and who wrote it, but it seems certain that it has been around for over 1000 years.

Many narratives begin with the sentence "Now, it is old day".

It means "If you look from now, that of the old days ".


Now, I'm writing this story.

It's a moment that will soon be in the past.


If you go one step further from now, there are many forked future roads.

The future is divided into many roads.

And looking back the road, I think "Looking back now, it's a long time ago."


Which road of the future do you choose?



Moon and message



One day, when she looked up at the night sky, she felt that the moon was shining a different light than usual.

The age of the moon was 6.5 and she wondered if almost half are hidden.

On that day, the moon was white and eerily shining beautifully.

And Beatrice felt like she was sucked in by the moon. 

Beatrice didn't usually care, but that night she looked up at the night sky, feeling like she was called by the moon.

But she felt the fear of being sucked in as she continued to look at the moon, and turned her eyes away from the moon.


At that time, she heard a message "it was handed over".

Beatrice wasn't sure "what was handed over".


That night, I had a mysterious dream.

I saw a man who tried to conquer the world thousands of years ago.


The desolate land as far as the eye can see.

Dust from many soldiers and cavalry.

The commander of the enormous army had hawk-like eyes that never missed anything, and a knife-like aura was emitted from his tough body.

He was a majestic king who could be respected and awe-inspired by people.

He inherited a noble lineage, but he grew up in a very poor circumstances, despised by others, and was not very happy.

However, he had a strong spirit inside that would not give in to the circumstances.

By turning that anger with no outlet into energy, he became a king with tremendous power beyond the scope of human beings.

There were some distorted parts in his mind, but the king did not show them to anyone.

The majestic king ruled many nations with his extraordinary charisma, abilities, qualities and wisdom.


"If I rule everything in this world, peace will come. And then my heart will be healed and my thirst will be satisfied".

Over time he became a divine supreme and awe-inspiring being. 

But one day he realized that his life was not enough to unify the world.

From that time, he began to look for ways to obtain eternal life.

The story of the king and the she

It's a story of her shortly after arriving on this planet.

She was looking at the navigation to look for people. 
That’s person is the one who made her very first contract on this planet.
She and the king met at that time.
She was on a new planet and was having a hard time finding people. 
She made an appointment with the king to find the person. 

A tremendous amount of time has passed.
His body was no longer left.
However, he died to be honored as a god, and his will could be conveyed to modern people through an organization.
A member of the organization wrote messages on the sand in a special way to convey his intentions.
In other words, his will was able to survive.
Actually, he met a woman before he lost his life as a person.
He made an appointment with her and rested with peace of mind, "accepting physical death" and taking a long rest.
She was from another star.
She came to this planet for a mission thousands of years ago.
There she happened to meet him.

He wanted "world domination and eternal life".

As the mission nears completion, she is in contact with a higher dimensional being.
The time for a contract with her king is approaching. 
After spending thousands of years on this planet, she completely forgot her promise with him.
But the god of fate did not abandon the king who had been waiting for thousands of years.
A person from an organization under her king reported to the king that she had been found.
The king's subordinates had special abilities and were able to notice her existence.
She was spending time with Beatrice.
The king was overjoyed to find her found.
He thought. 
"Now I can be resurrected and have eternal life. I can conquer the world."


A sunny day in June.

 A subordinate of the king who happened to find her invited Beatrice to the rally without telling him the "King's Secret".
Finally, the day of the rally for Beatrice and her came. 

A ritual that has been going on for thousands of years was held to find the only woman.
At the time of the ritual, the king finally found her.
"Oh! There is no doubt about her. How long I have been waiting for this day !!"
He gently touched Beatrice's shoulder during the ritual at the rally.
"This keeps my promise with her.  As I touch her shoulders, she will remember her past promises with me."
Shivering with joy, he showed his feelings on the ritual sand. 
She was surprised.
Because her appearance is invisible to the general public.
Her figure should only be visible to the person of her choice, now it's Beatrice, from the perspective of a person who knows nothing.
Her appearance when she met him thousands of years ago was a copy of her body.
 Those who carry out this task keep the main body on the mother planet so that they can spend a long time in a different world.
Her body has been stored in a home planet.
After a while, she remembered her promise with him somehow.
However, from the perspective of her, who is now familiar with life as a modern woman, it seemed that his desire to "dominate the world by power" was out of sync with the times.
He lived as a human being thousands of years ago, and the world has changed dramatically since then.
His way of thinking may be the same as it was thousands of years ago.
She thought.
"I feel that this planet is heading toward coexistence and co-prosperity, not toward unification, step by step over the years."
"The orbital period of this third planet is fast." 
"Also, if that is the star's orbital period, his life will end in a blink of an eye."
"If he migrates to a star with a long orbital period, he can have a near-eternal lifespan.
And maybe he should create the country he wants on that star.
If he creates everything himself, his wish will come true.
One thing I'm curious about is that he has the idea of 'dominating everything.'
Care must be taken so that the idea does not adversely affect the surrounding stars.
Until he notices and changes his mind someday, let his star be in a status that needs to be checked on a regular basis."
She nodded there and entrusted him to a higher dimensional being.
He was sent to a new planet to get a life close to eternity and to get the world he wanted.
I think the term "delivered" on a moonlit night means he was sent to a new planet. 
I think the message wasn't to Beatrice, but to her.
I hope that he, who has been waiting for his promise, will have a rewarding and happy time.
Because he has a lot of time.



At the time of farewell


When I checked that shining moonlit night, it was a special night for the first time in about 400 years.

It was the day when Saturn and Jupiter were closest to each other.

The orbital period of the Sun is 12 years for Jupiter and 30 years for Saturn. 

The two stars approach each other every 20 years, but they are very close this time.

The closer the stars are, the less distance and energy they can move between them.


When Beatrice saw the shining moon, her body became lighter.

At this time, she seems to have finished her mission and went back.

Beatrice saw the moon and felt like " I was going to be sucked".

It might be because she left Beatrice and headed for the moon.


Since that day on, Beatrice's sense of time changed.


She feels like time has been passing quieter and faster than ever before.


Moon satellite airport


That night, the Moon Space Airport was crowded with many planetary travelers.

At the Moon Space Airport, an announcement like this was probably heard.


"Thank you for boarding the Solar System Space Airlines.

Did you enjoy your trip to the Third Planet?


 We will inform you of the Super Express 12 flights boarding time.

Check-in will begin at Gate 2 at 18:00 on December 21, 3rd Planet Time.

Please come to the terminal at least 2 hours before departure to complete the boarding procedure.


If you are transferring to Saturn after arriving on Jupiter, please check the transfer gate number on the flight information board inside the space airport. 

The next express will be in 2080.


Thank you for boarding the Solar System Space Airlines today.

We look forward to seeing you again in the near future. 

                                                                                                                 The End